Limited Release

Annee's Vietnamese
Coffee Liqueur

Perfect for Espresso Martinis or a hard hitting Ice Coffee

In collaboration with the legendary Annee's Caphe Sua Da, Wolf Lane Distillery presents a Vietnamese Coffee Liqueur. Anne's signature Coffee brew is paired with Wolf Lane's distilled vodka, making for a perfect espresso martini or enjoy straight over ice.


What is Annee's Coffee?

Annee's coffee has evolved to offer a modern take on the traditional Vietnamese iced coffee. Adopting a blend of traditional Phin filter brewing methods, combined with an exclusive, yet reputable cold brewing process, Annee's has created a unique Vietnamese iced coffee experience.

What makes Annee's coffee special, is that each drink is personalised to its customer before a specially trained coffee tender runs the freshly brewed drip coffee and crisp cold brew through an aerated tap, resulting in a perfectly smooth and well-rounded cup.

From there, a small amount of condensed milk and plenty of ice is incorporated into the coffee using Annee's unique shaking method, further chilling the drink and adding the perfect balance of sweetness. Although specialising in Vietnamese iced coffee, Annee's Caphê Sua Da has adapted an iced drinks menu to offer something for every taste.