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About Wolf Lane Distillery: Your Local Gin Distillers

If you’re looking for a quality gin distillery near me, be sure to check out Wolf Lane Distillery today. Located in Cairns in Tropical North Queensland, we’re right near the beautiful Great Barrier Reef and the ancient rainforest of the Daintree. With a laid-back lifestyle and tropical weather, our city is also known as the home of one of the best local gin distillers: Wolf Lane Distillery. Read on to learn a few facts about our company and why we’re the best local gin distillery near me.

  • Our location is in the heart of the Cairns CBD and is the city’s very first gin distillery. We were established in 2019 by an innovative team that’s also behind some of the region’s best small bars, including the award-winning Three Wolves.

  • As local gin distillers, we have a love and appreciation for our environment, our city, and our people. We’re your go-to destination if you consider yourself a true lover of quality gin.

  • Every product we create is made with love and care right here on-site. All of our gin is carefully crafted using locally sourced ingredients with infusions of orange, grapefruit, mango, and finger lime.

  • We steep our dry botanicals for 24 full hours in clean spirits before we add fresh botanicals to the copper gin basket. The botanicals are vapor-infused into the gin for an incredible depth of flavor.

  • Be sure to check out some of our best sellers including our double gold medal-winning Tropical Gin and our highly awarded Navy Strength gin with juniper and macadamia. Our best-selling Wolf Lane Davidson Plum Gin is a traditional sloe gin with an incredible tropical twist.

  • Everything we create pays respect to our home right here in Tropical North Queensland and its amazing array of botanicals. We also focus on supporting local farmers and growers who choose sustainable and organic farming methods. This ensures that only the cleanest, freshest produce is used to make all of our gin.