Here at Wolf Lane, we love using native Australian botanicals as much as we love to support our local farmers. So, when the opportunity arose to do both, we jumped at the chance. 


Wolf Lane Davidson Plum gin is our tropical take on the traditional sloe gin, swapping sloe berries for locally grown Queensland Davidson Plums. A labour of love, we steep the plums for up to three months in our gin, before bottling it at full strength to deliver a truly unique, fruit-forward flavour. We use the entirety of our Davidson Plums in order to harness their intense colour and taste their distinctive plum and raspberry flavour complement the juniper and fresh orange notes of our gin produced specifically for this creation. 


Wolf Lane Davidson Plum gin is made to be enjoyed in every way. Simply with soda, over ice at the end of the night, or as a cheeky addition to your bubbles. A favourite of the Wolf Pack and a must-try is a Wolf Lane Davidson Plum Gin Sour, you can thank us later. 


VOL / 500ml 

ABV / 37.5% 


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Davidson Plum Gin