Widely regarded as the coffee-producing capital of Australia, here in Far North Queensland we have access to some of the finest single-origin coffee in the country. 


Wolf Lane’s ‘The Barista Coffee Liqueur’ was born out of a pursuit to create a coffee liqueur that would showcase the quality of coffee we have here in the tropics. Working with local coffee and vanilla growers, we were able to produce a coffee liqueur for the lovers of good coffee. 


The Barista Coffee Liqueur delivers a full coffee kick, with chocolatey notes from dark roasted, locally grown beans and natural sweetness from Daintree vanilla. If you want to make the perfect Espresso Martini, look no further. We also like to keep a bottle chilled to pour over our favourite vanilla ice cream for that late-night pick me up. 


VOL / 500ml 

ABV / 22% 


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The Barista Coffee Liqueur