The ideal gift for any gin lover or a great way for you to explore all three of our award-winning gins. 



1 x Tropical Gin 200ml / 42.5% 

The one that started us on our gin journey, Wolf Lane Tropical Gin brings together thirteen botanicals that are both steeped and vapour-infused to create a taste of the tropics. A well-balanced, citrus-forward summer 


1 x Navy Strength Gin 200ml/ 58% 

Coming in at 116 proof (58% to you landlubbers), Wolf Lane Navy Strength packs all the punch of a drunken sailor with heavy juniper and finger lime but goes down as smooth as silk as you enjoy the flavours of fresh grapefruit and macadamia. 


1 x Davidson Plum Gin 200ml / 37.5% 

Our tropical take on the traditional sloe gin, swapping sloe berries for locally grown Queensland Davidson Plums. A labour of love, we steep the plums for up to three months in our gin, before bottling it at full strength to deliver a truly unique, fruit-forward flavour with notes of juniper and fresh orange.


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The Wolf Pack

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