The Wolf Pack Gift Box

The perfect gift for any gin lover. 


1 x 200ml Tropical Gin - 

- Handcrafted in Cairns, containing thirteen botanicals.The dry botanicals are steeped overnight - juniper, coriander seed, anjelica root, cinnamon, lemon myrtle, Tasmanian pepperberry, cardamom and macadamiaLocally sourced ruby grapefruit, mango, finger lime, lavender and mint are vapour infused in the gin basket.The result is a perfectly balanced citrus-forward summer gin.


1 x 200ml Navy Strength Gin - 

- Our Navy Strength Gin pays homage to when gin was drunk by the Royal Navy officers and sailors alike whilst exploring the high seas. At 118 proof (58%), this gin packs a punch with strong notes of finger limes and ruby grapefruit. It will make a sailor out of you yet!


1 x 200ml Davidson Plum Gin - 

- Our tropical take on a traditional sloe gin; swapping sloe berries for locally grown Far North Queensland Davidson Plums. The plums are steeped for up to 3 months to produce a truly unique sloe style gin at full strength. With an earthy aroma that is reminiscent of plum jam, stewed rhubarb and a touch of sweetness. It makes for a perfect after dinner gin.


All packaged into a gift box and can be shipped all over Australia. 

The Wolf Pack